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>> bill: hey good morning, everybody. what do you say? it is the "full court press" here on current tv this wednesday morning. wednesday september 12th. good to see you today. thank you so much for joining us as we tackle the big stories of the day and take your calls at 866-55-press, your new progressive morning show tilting left politically direct here on current tv. and what about it?
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dick cheney has come out of his lair and accused president obama for taking full credit for gets bin laden. first, he has never taken full credit, and second he deserves more credit than dick cheney and george bush. first today's latest update. hi lisa good morning. >> hey, bill. good morning, everyone. bill clinton is keeping his title as president obama's surrogate this week. he is now hitting the campaign trail. blinton spoke to the university on tuesday. >> every student who borrows money under the federal student loan law however much you
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borrow will be able to pay that loan back for up to 20 years at a small fixed percentage of your income. >> according to a new survey president obama does have the lead in florida right now, at 48 to 44%. president clinton is also taking a stance on libya and egypt yesterday they attacked in both countries killing an officer of the state department all because of a u.s. film they say was offensive to islam. clinton said there is never any excuse for this kind of violence. president obama and mitt romney are also trading jabs over the attacks. romney is calling the obama administration disgraceful. and team obama said they are
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disappointed that romney would turn this into a political event when the nation is still dealing with the death of one of itself officers. all of the pieces? >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct. >>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today...
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what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy. by 2025, we could have 20 million jobs without enough college graduates to fill them. that's why at devry university we're teaming up with companies like cisco to help make sure everyone's ready with the know how we need for a new tomorrow. [ male announcer ] make sure
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america's ready. make sure you're ready. at ♪ ♪ [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv this is the "bill press show." ♪ >> bill: bill clinton out on the campaign trail yesterday. he is fired up and ready to go. what do you say? good morning, everybody. wednesday september 12th. good to see you today. and thank you for hopping on board the "full court press" as we take off from our studio here on capitol hill in washington, d.c., across this great land of
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ours to bring you the stories of the day, the news of the day, and to get you involved in our conversation about it at 866-55-press. that's our toll free number. we have a good little townhall meeting every day here for three hours. and unfortunately for you subscribers to xm and sirius only this first hour on satellite radio. wherever you are joining us thank you for being there. don't forget to our chat room. it's a lot of fun. again, apologize for the scratchy voice we are somehow making it through. peter ogburn and dan henning. good morning guys. >> hello mr. press. >> bill: voice transplant this evening. >> i know you had a very busy
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week last week with the convention, and then of course your three-pack a day of lucky strikes doesn't help but it sounds fine. >> bill: and then that hendrix gin. i'm telling you if i were a smoker, as bad as it is now it would be a lot worse. and hello to the voiceless videographer. >> he never has a voice. he is always on the phone. >> bill: talking to his bookies. oh, yeah hollywood park. well, it was of course september 11th yesterday a lot of solemn remembrances of that day. president obama and the first lady at the white house, and then at the pentagon vice president joe biden, and ray lahood out in pennsylvania at the site of the fourth claim
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that crashed. up at ground zero big ceremony where they read the names of all of the victims lost in the world trade center towers and the media covered all of them except on nbc. yes, the today show yesterday morning, this is what they were showing and talking about at the time of the 9/11 attacks. >> one of the last things we saw was you getting wheeled into a breast enhancement surgery. i know you guys are all for bearing it all, but is there any time that you are like okay we can turn the cameras off. >> i had had my implants for 152 years -- >> and they are only supposed to last for 150 years. >> yeah and that was a important message for me to put out there because i made fun of
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myself, because at my age, you are over 50 but it was so important to remind women that check your expiration date because it is a health risk. >> bill: i would be willing to defend any media outlet for talking about the news of the day, and not necessarily focusing on september 11th because at some point we have to move on. >> yeah like what we did yesterday. >> bill: we mentioned it but we didn't dwell on it. >> absolutely. >> bill: but if you are going to move on to some other topics really, chris jenner helping -- >> but she is helping women. >> bill: i have an expiration date on my yogurt. i check that every day. >> the mother of the kardashians. >> bill: yeah.
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>> what time is she booked -- >> in our third hour this morning. >> bill: is that right? >> yeah. >> bill: peter can handle that interview. okay. we do not have chris jenner booked today, but we have governor eliot spitzer, brad woodhouse from the dnc, as well as dil buyers. he covers media for "politico." and a big flap about breastfeeding right here in washington, d.c. at american university has a breast-feeding mom finally gone too far? but first? >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> on this wednesday, the headlines making news all eyes on apple computer today, the company which six years ago
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changed the mobile phone market with the introduction of the iphone is expected to unveil the iphone 5 later this morning, is predicting two things. the phone will have a larger display, and it likely will have a different dot connector that other apple products meaning it would need its own separate pow power chord, also it may operate on the more advanced 4g network. >> bill: just tell me when to get it. >> the rumor is september 21st. >> so a little over a week. >> yeah. >> i don't understand how apple has gotten so bad at keeping their secrets covered up because everybody knows just about everything about their phone unless they throw a wild curve ball. look at bill what are we doing now? >> bill: i'm trying to figure
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out if i'm in town september 24th -- >> you have to wait in line with everybody else then. >> a good start for indicate i can couric. her talk show got the most viewers of any syndicated program. while her month guests were celebrities, yesterday she focused more on the human front including amy cokeland who fought back from that flesh-eating bacteria. michelle obama is set to appear on dr. oz's daytime talk show today to talk about healthy exercise and eating on the campaign trail. the first lady reportedly stands up on the set and teaches dr. oz how to do the dougie.
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>> bill: oh, my god. that is just an internet sensation. >> yeah. >> bill: thank you, dan. yes indeed just getting off of politics a tad this morning here to start the day. we always think about the big stories and the stories that people are talking about or going to be talking about today and you are going to be talking about today. it is any front page of the "washington post" this morning, and the headline is "a breastfeeding quiz." it is okay to best feed in class when you are a teacher in front of your class? that's the question. it's a young professor after american university here in washington, d.c. who did this, and a lot of people raising the question was this over the line? and i ask you that question.
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866-55-press, but first let's just settle back and find out the facts. okay. here it is. a young professor, her name is adrian pine, she's an assistant professor of anthropology at american university. she has been teaching there four years. she is -- her class is on sex, gender, and culture, and so she's ready to start her class and she wakes up and her baby is sick, or the baby wakes up sick so she doesn't have proper child care for a sick baby. she can't leave it with somebody she doesn't feel so she takes the baby to class with her. which we understand. and according to the report the baby is crawling around on the
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floor and getting into stuff, but then the baby really starts to fuss, so the professor says i'm sorry the baby is really fussy and not feeling well i'm going to have to feed it. so she continues her class in front of 40 students breastfeeding her baby. some of the students complained they thought this was a little over the line, didn't really -- was not appropriate, did not belong in the classroom. she, adrian pine has fought back -- struck back. she was interviewed by a couple of reporters for the local newspaper -- the school newspaper. according to the post the school newspaper has not run an article yet, but she felt these student
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journalists were hostile toward women, so she put out a statement on her own. here it is. quote, i fed my sick baby during feminist an though pollgy class without disrupting the lecture so as not to have to cancel the first day of class. i bought anybody saw my nipple because i'm pretty good at covering it, but if they did, they knew that i too like them have nipples or at least i have one of them. i ask you again, did she go over the line? 866-55-press, 866-557-7377. all right. peter you have the youngest kids here. first i'm going to give you my quick take. look, i am totally supportive of
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breastfeeding moms almost anywhere. carol breastfed her boys, our daughters-in-law breastfed our grandchildren. and whether it is on a bus, in a plane, on a train, in an airport, at a park at a ball game just about anywhere no problem with it, women do it discretely and carefully and it's not a problem. but i do think -- i think in front of a class, that's a little over the line. yeah, you know what i think she could have said, i got to take care of my sick baby. i know it's the first day of class, we're going to stop right here, we have ten, 15 minutes to go, just take time out, read your email, i got to feed my baby. i wonder -- here is my question.
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was she more interested in feeding her baby or making a statement? peter? >> look, i love -- i love breasts of all shapes and sizes, and i'm all for women breastfeeding just about wherever they are when the baby is hungry. like you said we had two young kids. we like to travel on a plane, in the car wherever it is but at some point -- i mean you have to admit that it is a little bit of a distraction. like it or not. some people will get distracted by it, and if it is your job to give a lecture and teach, it's really hard for your students to pay attention to what you are saying, when you are walking around with a baby on your breast. in that just is a distraction. so yeah she could have easily said excuse me for a second. i need to do my duty here as a mort -- >> bill: yes, we'll pick this up
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again next time. >> and like you said ten minute maxes is what it would have taken. >> bill: yeah. anyhow, they are talking about it on talk radio here in washington, d.c. you'll hear about it in your local paper on your local radio -- you just heard about it on national television and national talk radio. did she go too far, 866-55-press. >> announcer: stephanie miller. on your radio, on tv, the "bill press show," new on current tv. ♪ unleashed, joy behar. >> on tonight's show, jesse ventura gets tony danza in a headlock. not really. but they're both on the show.
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>> announcer: heard around the con try and seen on current tv this is the "bill press show." >> bill: 45 minutes after the hour now. we'll get back to this lead story about the professor at american university. but there were reports earlier of violence at the us console at it in libya. mobs protesting a video about the prophet muhammad -- i don't know much about that video, but the state department has just confirmed that our american ambassador to libya jay christopher stevens was actually killed in that violence in that profest at the american con
3:25 am
consolate. we'll get to that story later. barbara is calling from out in beautiful monterrey, california. hi, barbara. >> caller: hey there. >> bill: up early on the west coast. thanks for joining us. what do you think about this? >> well, i think it was a [ inaudible ] moment. because first of all it should be viewed as something very normal and natural, and she was doing what she needed to do. i mean she -- she didn't have the -- a nanny to take her baby she had to be there first day of school, and i'm sure she probably did it very discretely. i don't see what the big deal is. >> bill: i'm not sure how she can do it discretely standing in front of a class of 40 students.
3:26 am
i mean -- >> caller: how old is the baby first of all? >> bill: you know what it is -- >> 13 years old. [ laughter ] >> bill: yeah, right. let me just see if i can -- i don't remember reading that this morning. it is an infant obviously. not walking yet, crawling around, so i would say less than a year old. >> caller: all right. that can be done very discretely. you can have it there with a blanket, and carry on. >> bill: shouldn't she have also said take 15 minutes to read a book or something while i read my baby. >> caller: but do we really even know what really went on or is this sensationalized as far as, you know, whipping it out. >> bill: i don't think it is
3:27 am
sensationalized, i think the facts have been reported pretty steadily and accurately and nobody is saying she took her shirt off and saying look at these grammies i'm sure she did it discretely. scott in hollywood, california what do you say? >> caller: good morning, i think this is way over the line. completely out of control. this woman -- she is obviously trying to make a statement here. and i want to congratulate bill o'reilly to jumping over to current tv. >> bill: yeah, we were glad to get him. [ laughter ] >> bill: we think that maybe he'll be able to get even better ratings on current than fox news. so i'm glad you caught that
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scott. thank you so much for the call. eliot spitzer next. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ i'm jennifer granholm, let me tell you a story. in colorado the auto rescue saved more than 9,000 jobs. in the great state of michigan, 211,000 good paying, american jobs! in romney's world, cars get the elevator, and the workers get (vo) want more granholm? get her every night.
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♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: 33 minutes after the hour wednesday september 12th the "full court press" on sirius xm, on your local progressive talk radio station, and on current tv coming to you live from your nation's capitol, our studio on capitol hill and brought to you by the international association of ironworkers. under president walter wise responsible for many of the great buildings and monuments
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here -- and bridges, et cetera, in this country, including that great new tower at the world trade center. the sky is the limit for the ironworkers. find out more about them at their website. we start the mornings off on current tv leading up to the big prime time lineup with eliot spitzer, most of "viewpoint." eliot good morning. >> good morning. always great to be with you. >> good to have you back. >> we had the fun of watching the convention so that made up for it. >> bill: yeah, right. first i wanted to get your take looking at tampa and then looking at charlotte, boy, you could not have had two more different conventions, could
3:34 am
you? >> you needed nodoz to stay a week during the republican convention, and then we had our own jennifer grandholm, who just about caused an earthquake with her speech. republicans are a more subdued crowd, i'll give you that. and i think mitt romney is a decent guy. and i really don't want to ever criticize somebody's value system at that level, but boy is he wrong on the issues, and he is an weather vain or etch-a-sketch, and nothing they said refuted that. in our convention bill clinton proved he is the political master of the last 30 years. >> bill: i like your use of the
3:35 am
word sadate for boring. [ laughter ] >> bill: but look at the bounce in the polls that came out of it? >> there's no question that the net result of the two conventions is the obama/biden ticket is up by a good four or five points solid nationally. and if you are mitt romney you are saying how can we change this. the job numbers were not good but that hasn't given traction to mitt romney's campaign because he has no answers. i think people can feel comfortable that they can appreciate his message. it has been rough, more distance to cover, but give us more time. >> bill: romney is not even talking about jobs anymore -- >> i don't know what he is talk about to be honest. >> bill: exactly.
3:36 am
>> every day a slightly different message but no coherence, and that's because every time they announce something, there are so many problems with it the public says no, we don't want to hear about it. >> bill: so you are mitt romney -- >> please say it a different way. [ laughter ] >> bill: let's just preten here -- >> okay. >> bill: so the party has finally accepted you not enthusiastically, but all right romney is going to be the standard barer of the party and yesterday -- in the last couple of days, george will laura ingram, and rush limbaugh all three game out and almost word for word said if the republican party can't beat barack obama they might as well fold their tent and go away. and they said romney is just not delivering. if you are romney you have to be
3:37 am
worried about the most criticism is coming from fellow republicans. >> he has never been comfortable in the republican party and that is because that party is so fractured, they are an uncomfortable party at thanksgiving dinner. and the other thing i think some of those folks are intentionally saying we want 2016 to be the moment when we get a real conservative, somebody like -- i don't know a paul ryan or marco rubio or some tea party person and they are saying we don't care about mitt romney. we don't trust him either. >> bill: exactly. you mentioned briefly the jobs numbers, and i always appreciate your take on the economy because you know it so well. 96,000 was certainly not what we wanted. it was a disappointing number -- >> right. >> bill: and the dow bounced up
3:38 am
69 points ended at the highest level since 2007. so what is going on with this economy? >> it speaks to the fundamental divide. the metaphor 99-1 is reflected in the stock market as well. the return to capital these days is pretty good the return -- the profitability of companies is back to where it should be. retained earnings are very high and with capitol flows around the world suggesting you can be mobile and move your money around and do very well the market has every reason to be comfortable, workers on the other hand are suffering. wages are stagnant at best work force income is down. working force folks are suffering, but those controlling capital and equity are getting a very good return. it is certainly not enough to carry us forward for most of us
3:39 am
when wages are stagnant and fewer people are working. >> bill: the 1% are doing well but they are not hiring right? >> yes because productivity is up. one of the most important graphs is out there is robert [ inaudible ]'s "after shock" for many many years when productivity went up workers got a piece of it and the remainder went to the owners of the company. since about 1970s all of the upside has gone to ownership and wages have been flat. why that is is the real question, globalization, lack of union, government policies but wages have been flat and capital has been going way up, and we need to figure out how to do deal with that. >> bill: we're talking with bill press host of "viewpoint" on
3:40 am
current tv. eliot, yesterday president obama, vice president biden, paul ryan, mitt romney all took the day off, there was only one big dog campaigning out there, and it was bill clinton. the message was get out and vote, but it looks like he is going to be playing -- it seems that clinton wants this as bad as obama does. can he make a difference? >> absolutely. there are two things that explain that. one he is true believer and two, he loves it. [ laughter ] >> he is happier when he is out there talking to folks about politics getting the embrace and returning it. he is better at it than any politician i have ever met, and it's like so many things in
3:41 am
life, if you enjoy it, you do it well, so he is going to be there every day and lapping it up. >> bill: is he making a down payment for hilary in 2016? >> maybe. i kind of hope so. i say this as a new yorker who supported her in '08, and i don't see that with any remorse to barack but i think people say if she was good then, she is amazing now. it is hard to imagine a better person who could be there in 2016, of course four years is impossible to predict. >> bill: and she deserves a couple of year's rest after the job she has done as secretary of state, and then make up her mind. >> that's exactly right. i think many of us hope she gets
3:42 am
a professorship somewhere and then says all right guys i have another chapter on tap. >> bill: anything else going on? >> i'm getting ready to head down to washington. we'll be speaking with some of our favorite members of washington doing the show live from washington tonight, figuring out what the mood looks like on capitol hill and what will be happening next january. >> bill: more and more people are optimistic about the possibility of the democrats being able to take back over the house, which would be huge -- >> that would be hugely important. >> bill: thanks eliot so much. thanks as always for being on the show. >> thanks for the invite.
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>> bill: catch "viewpoint," he knows more about politics than anybody i know -- more about most of the issues of the day than anybody i know. great to have him. >> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv. is the "bill press show." >>i believe people are hungry for it. building up to this. >>bill shares his views, now it's your turn. >>i know you're going to want to weigh in on these issues. >>connect with "full court press with bill press" at and on twitter at bpshow. >>i believe people are hungry for it.
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we have a big, big hour and the i.q. will go way up. how are you ever going to solve the problem if you don't look at all of the pieces? >>tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rounds out current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct. >>you just think there is no low
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oh, no. if al gore's watching today... ♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio, and current tv. >> bill: 13 minutes before the top of the hour. margaret covers the white house from bloomberg news. she'll be joining us at the top
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of the next hour and then bill buyers later on in studio with us. i want to go back to your calls. a lot of you want to talk about this american university professor. the first day of her class she had a class on sex, gender, and culture, she took a sick baby to class with her, and breastfed the baby while standing in front of the class. some students complained they didn't think it was appropriate. and university officials are now caught, are they going to discipline this woman or say this is the way it is. she said she thinks there is nothing wrong with what she did. she said she did it discretely and appropriately. cc is calling from vancouver,
3:48 am
washington. good morning. >> caller: good morning, bill. thanks for taking my call. >> bill: okay. right. >> caller: i have never been understand nor has anybody before able to explain to me why breastfeeding is in public is controversial so long as the woman takes reasonable precautions to not expose herself. >> bill: i can remember the days when a woman wouldn't dare breastfeed let's say in a restaurant or at an airport, which i think is crazy -- >> caller: i grew up in salt lake city where women could breastfeed anywhere. >> bill: would or could not? >> caller: in salt lake basically could anywhere. >> bill: wow. good for the mormons. how about in front of a class would you give --
3:49 am
>> caller: with a child being ill, especially if it has become fussy, don't want to disrupt the class, and not to be hostile to you or your producer but try to breastfeed a sick infant can take a lot longer than 10 or 15 minutes. >> bill: okay. >> caller: you have no idea how long it is going to take. i think your first caller was probably right. maybe it was a teaching moment. i don't think she planned it that way. maybe she did, but i think she was trying to manage her two responsibilities the best she could. >> bill: i do think she was trying to do that. and cc i really appreciate the call. very thoughtful call. i also think there was a little bit -- going by her statement that she put out, and i'll read that again. here is the story -- she put out
3:50 am
a statement on i fed my baby during feminist an that pollgy class. i doubt anybody saw my nipple but if they did, at least they know i too have nipples, or at least one of them. chris is in chicago. hi, chris. >> caller: hi bill. thanks for having me on. i'm a democrat a liberal, and i really truly blame the baby boomers for this. we haven't taught our younger people class we can have it all.
3:51 am
she should have stayed home today. >> bill: well, it was the first day of class -- >> caller: they substitutes. >> bill: well maybe not for this class. i think she should just say we got to break it right here. take the rest of the class off. we'll make up with it later. >> caller: but she woke up her baby ill. so stay home. >> bill: all right. thank you. this is jr from mississippi. >> caller: my problem is having children at the workplace at american university. she was there, the child was sick. she had a teaching assistant,
3:52 am
she could have taken whatever time she needed especially on the first day of class when practically nothing is going on and she could have taken that time to take care of the child even in another area of the classroom, and have the teaching assistant step in and take over the class. >> bill: yeah, i'm just -- here is what the university spokesperson said. okay, jr. for the sake of the child and the public health of the campus community, a faculty member should take -- when faced with the challenge of caring for a sick child, when backup child care is available, a faculty member should take paid sick leave and not bring the sick child into the classroom.
3:53 am
so that was the response of the university. they felt, as chris said, from chicago that she should have stayed home and got somebody else to take over the class without exposing the students to that sick child, let alone breastfeeding in front of the classroom. thank you for the calls. we'll be right back. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪
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it's go time. what time is it rob? oh, then it's go. go. go. go time. anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. go time! ♪ >> announcer: taking your emails on any topic at anytime, this is the "bill press show," live on your radio, and current tv. >> bill: hey, we have been flooded with comments on
3:56 am
facebook about the teacher's strike in chicago. i would say nine out of ten of you say you support the teachers. joanne vower, support the teachers. it's more privatization of education. this is wisconsin all over again. vicky, the teachers basic performance on tests and child feedback is insane. linda reagan it's the conditions they are fighting for. linda, teachers they are striking for better working conditions. that means safer buildings where better equipment, and supplies which equals a better learning environment for our children. there is someone here -- there's one person anyhow who supports -- amy supports ron
3:57 am
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: hey good morning, everybody. it's wednesday september 12th. great to see you today. this is the "full court press" on current tv, where we start off the day by getting you know the news of the day, and give you a chance to sound off at 866-55-press. we're covering everything today from tragedy in libya, where our american ambassador was killed in protests there, to breastfeeding here in washington, d.c. in front of a
3:59 am
university classroom to bill clinton back on the campaign trail, and day two of the teacher's strike in chicago. karen lewis, president of the teachers, she is right, and he is wrong. we'll get into that and a whole lot of other issues, but first we have our latest from lisa ferguson as always standing by in los angeles. hey, good morning, lisa. >> hey bill good morning, everyone. we are down to less than 60 days between now and the november election. with the conventions behind us president obama does have the lead in several of the polls, but with a race that is close, the winner will likely be decided in as little as nine very crucial swing states. wisconsin is gaining importance on that list and both parties
4:00 am
know it. both parties are shifting the money toward the home of their vice presidential nominee. though obama campaign is also adding wisconsin to its targeted list. obama super pac usa has at least $100,000 worth of air time in milwaukee. paul ryan is hoping his home state can help carry him toward the white house. he is also campaigning for the house of representatives. he is planning on spending $2 million on ads for congress in both madison and milwaukee. those ads should start in late october. meanwhile romney is getting a lot of criticisms from conservatives. he does have a pretty light
4:01 am
schedule right now. a "wall street journal" op-ed also attacked romney this week for being too vague and confusing when it comes to his policies. small it can fit in your vagina. (vo) featuring stephanie miller and friends, in the funniest political comedy tour in america. >> fox news is like a mecca for people who hate mecca. (vo) with exclusive, behind the scenes footage. >> it is a movement. (vo) don't miss stephanie miller"s sexy liberal comedy tour. >> i'm going to go cop some cheap feels.
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♪ >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation, on your radio, and on current tv. this is the "bill press show." >> bill: elvis is back! bill clinton hits the campaign trail in florida. hello everybody. happy wednesday. it is wednesday september 12th. great to see you today. thank you so much for joining us here on the "full court press" brought to you live all across this great land of ours.
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4:06 am
[ laughter ] >> that hot tea smells like granddad. >> bill: i wanted to bring back some memories of charlotte, but i didn't want to bring back a sore throat. bill clinton on the trail yesterday. he modified the political stuff just a little bit. it was september 11th and his main message was folks this is the most important election ever ever ever, and you have got to get out and vote. >> if you sit on the sidelines, you are responsible for the consequences, and the next time somebody says i wish that or that hadn't happened, if you sat on the sidelines, you contributed to it happening. >> bill: yeah absolutely. you get stuck with mitt romney. get out and vote. and the former president also had some fun with the republican claim that we built it ourselves
4:07 am
and they are attack president obama for saying those who are successful did have a little help from government agencies. >> not a single society got there with a militant bitter anti-government strategy. [ cheers and applause ] >> bill: you got it, meaning the tea party ain't no good, and ain't going to get us anywhere. lots to talk about. we'll start with margaret who covers bloomberg news. and brad woodhouse and john sarbanes from maryland. what a lineup. but first -- >> announcer: this is the "full court press." >> overhead lines making news on this wednesday, joe biden spoke
4:08 am
off of the cuff again yesterday. we invited firefighters to a white house for a beer for their hard work, he said it's quote, no bs but he did not edit it just like i did, then noticed the media in the room and said quote, no mularkey come to the white house and i'll buy you a beer. >> bill: joe is from delaware i'm from delaware. we love joe biden. >> yeah, and they are talk about beers. >> bill: can i say it here? >> don't. and the nfl has now moved ahead to set up a schedule for its replacement referees. while the league continues negotiation with his regular officials who have been locked out since june because of the ongoing labor dispute. the replacement refs now have
4:09 am
come under plenty of criticism for bad calls, basically because of their lack of experience. >> bill: yeah, they called me about it next week, but i have plans. i probably know as much about football as -- >> some of these replacement refs. exactly. >> and the two year $86 million project that provided for a lot of noise and visual disruption is all done. the general administrations building maintains it was updating sewer systems -- >> bill: yeah, bull. can i give you a joe biden. >> whatever the project is it is paved over now and the white house grounds is working to relandscape the property. >> bill: the landscaping is just about all time. yesterday in the "new york times" there was a photo of the
4:10 am
new sod with the new sidewalk and bo was out -- >> christening it? >> >> bill: well, he was running around on the lawn. i was talking to a couple of secret service agents and i said i'm glad they got these done. finished building those new bunkers. and one of them said what do you mean bunker. >> oh, geez. >> bill: i wasn't trying to say there is some secret -- so it's very sensitive. and they will not tell us what is under -- what they built. [ laughter ] >> bill: it was more than sewer lines. let me tell ya. okay. margaret probably knows. she knows everything about the white house. she covers the white house for bloomberg news and she is a newly elected member of the
4:11 am
association. good morning. >> good morning. it is a beer cellar. i don't know if you have heard that. >> bill: that's as good of guess as any, right? but what has it been two, three years, margaret? >> yeah, it's been like at least half of the administration, and very mysterious and draped and covered. one day it looks fine and the next day it is completely peeled open. obviously there are reasons that we can't know about. so we don't know exactly what is under there. >> bill: but extensive digging and a great big hole, but we just don't know what it is. you were on the road the other day last week down in florida where the president went into a pizza show and got a big surprise. tell us about that. >> it was a truly amazing
4:12 am
[ inaudible ] duty stint. of course as everybody knows he walks into this pizza place, nobody knows where we're there, there's like eight people thinking, who set this trip up? and all of a sudden this humongous guy in tight gray shorts appears and is hugging the president. and we're like who is in guy. eventually the president explains to us that he and the gentlemen have never met, but he's a community activist who is engaged in blood drives and obama wanted to see him in person because the surgeon general as awarded him, and people like that are great in communities or whatever. though guy was so excited to meet the president and it really -- it capped this -- this day in which the energy levels really began to sort of
4:13 am
reapproximate 2008. and all of us who covered 2008 and are covering this campaign are very curious to see if that is a random day in time -- >> bill: but he did lift the president off of the ground, and you snapped the photo? >> well, mine wasn't quite as good, but i was there for the magic moment. >> bill: and you put it on facebook or tweeted it or whatever. so my question is what did the secret service guy do? >> i think he told him would it be okay for me to hug the president. because he told us the secret service said as long as you don't leave the room with him. but i don't think he got permission to scoop him off of the ground like a small child.
4:14 am
>> bill: yeah, as long as you don't leave the room with him, i love that. it certainly was an moment. >> it was and then in an hour or two, we are in the fallment beach convention center and they are playing the warm-up music, and they are playing "let's stay together" that obama sang at that fund raiser -- >> bill: right. >> there is a short intro, and everybody who is over the age of 30 knows this song. so all of a sudden probably half of the audience spontaneously burst into song and proceeded to sing the song the entire way through until obama took the stage. >> bill: how about that. so fun on the road and the president on the road again today going to las vegas, and to denver. i didn't have a chance -- and
4:15 am
i -- neither one of us talked to mark knoller this morning to see how many times the president has been to las vegas and denver recently. is there anybody left in las vegas who hasn't met him and shook his hand. >> yeah, the guys who are working six jobs just to try to keep their houses haven't met him. florida has a lot of housing problems too. nevada is a tough state for obama on many levels. >> bill: he keeps going back to -- used to be ohio all the time. lately it has been virginia florida, colorado, nevada. he is going -- i guess he's going to columbus next week. >> there is a whole lot of ohio action. and part of it is the democrats
4:16 am
[ inaudible ] in pennsylvania has allowed him to spendless time there. so what else is he going to do? there are eight states he is focused on. and these are all states that they would like to either nail down or get to the point where they can look at nailing them down, you know? >> bill: right. margaret we know and we have talked about this before the campaign mainly focused on the economy, but today the "new york times," and i know you are working on this story -- here is a foreign policy issue that may take on extreme importance. israeli prime minister warned the united states yesterday that if we don't set clear red lines that would determine when the united states would take military action against iran then he said quote, we have no
4:17 am
moral right to say they can't bomb iran. he is really -- >> he has been very frustrated because he would like assurances from the united states where it gets to the point where they feel like they are in trouble -- he is more on the end of imminent is now. and president obama is not going to do that in a public or apparently in a private statement. what he said is exactly what he said, this idea about no moral right, and so -- last night, they had an hour-long phone call, the white house and to some extent the prime minister's office are trying to stamp down on this controversy. they understand there is not a security advantage to airing their dirty laundry.
4:18 am
>> bill: we have heard there are definite lines, right, that if iran crosses those lines, we would use military force. but we haven't heard the specific line. i just wonder strategically, militarily is that something you do? you announce to the world if -- whatever country it is right? if iran does this, we're going to bomb the hell out of them. i don't think we have ever done that. >> it's interesting, because the u.s. has come close it to in terms of the president talking about -- you know in -- he did this recently talking about the calculations would change on syria if there were chemical weapons. and it depends on how you define what is red line. but when it serves the u.s.
4:19 am
interests, we'll come as close as we need to put a script on this. part of this is strategic, and part is political, and the u.s. perspective is he doesn't want to encourage the beating of war rooms right before an election because that could set off a whole chain of events. the political question is twofold, number 1 does he risk erosion of jewish support in potentially key states? but then on the flip side another consideration is that he doesn't want to exacerbate talk of war that could spin off market effects that would go to the broader american confidence.
4:20 am
>> bill: and it doesn't look good that he is just taking order from the prime minister. my reading from this is that he said we're running foreign policy from jerusalem. but we got to run on. thank you, margaret. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: all right. it's i think this guy is totally out of control, i think he is mitt romney's buddy and i don't like it. get your nose out of american politics, bb. >> announcer: the "bill press show" now on current tv.
4:21 am
>>only on current tv.
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when you use lysol at home, you'll know you're a part of something bigger. for healthy tips and more, visit >>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa. ♪
4:24 am
>> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: we have been -- first of all some breaking news. our u.s. ambassador to lib why was killed in protest at the consoleati overnight. and israeli leader shiftens call to the united states to set an iran trigger, and the prime minister saying if the united states doesn't tell the world when we will take military action against iran then we have no moral right to criticize israel if israel bombs iran.
4:25 am
kathleen is calling from chicago, hi, kathleen. >> caller: good morning. what i think is if this guy thinks that the president is moving too slow, why don't we move? why don't we take some of his soldiers and put his boots on the ground? everybody is always waiting for the united states to get involved. that guy is crazy just like mitt romney. that statement that mitt romney put out last night about what happened over there in libya was ridiculous. president obama should do just what he is doing now. mitt romney always say the president shouldn't give a deadline on anything. the president don't have to give a deadline. you go over there and start a war. >> bill: yeah and that's the last thing the american people has wanted is a third war. and the president has said he is not going to allow iran to build a nuclear weapon. i think we can take him at his
4:26 am
word. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ i'm jennifer granholm, let me tell you a story. in colorado the auto rescue saved more than 9,000 jobs. in the great state of michigan, 211,000 good paying, american jobs! in romney's world, cars get the elevator, and the workers get the shaft! (vo) want more granholm? get her every night.
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♪ >> announcer: this is the "full court press," the "bill press show," live on your radio, and on current tv. >> bill: here we go 33 minutes after the hour now, what do you say? it is the "full court press" on this wednesday september 12th. we're coming to you live from our nation's capitol. brought to you by the sheet metal workers union, under president joseph nigro, giving a
4:31 am
fair day's pay for a fair day eke work. you can find out more at their website. lots of stories in the news this morning. related to the media and criticism of the media and how the media is operating, and we love to talk about the media with "politico"'s media guru, dill dill dillin buyers. welcome. >> good morning. >> bill: let's start with maybe not the most important story, but yesterday the moment of silence in recognition of september 11th everybody covered the moment of silence except for nbc, and they made an
4:32 am
executive editorial decision that it's time to move on with regular broadcasting, and here is what the viewers of the today show yesterday might have seen and heard. >> well, one of the last things we saw was you getting wheeled into a breast-enhancement surgery. i know you guys are for bearing it all, but there ever a time where it's like okay turn the cameras off. >> the reason i did that is i had my implants in for 152 years -- >> they are only supposed to last 150 years. >> yeah, take them out, change them after ten years, and that was a big message for me to put out there, like i made fun of myself because at my age, i'm over 50, when do you stop. it is important to remind women check expiration date.
4:33 am
>> bill: so it is time to move on? or for the rest of our lives on september 11th -- >> before we get his answer we have our interview with the salahees. >> bill: that's right. we're pulling your chain. >> dylan, it has been 11 years, and you want to say they should be able to cover whatever they want. it's hard because you can't be the first person to do it. it's always very hard to make such a jarring transition to breast implants and the kardashians. new york magazine put together this devastating video which place the footage you just played over the moment of silence, and that's when you get how jarring the comparison is between the two. >> bill: yeah so i do support
4:34 am
the idea of moving on -- >> sure. >> bill: at the same time i think they could have found a more appropriate topic -- >> right. >> bill: -- to be talking about. >> right. you have to imagine it was just an oversight. you have to imagine there was somebody in the control room who realized this was the moment of silence, and realized they had a problem on their hands. >> bill: exactly. more importantly and interesting to me is that suddenly voices on the right in the last couple of days, george will laura ingraham, and the mighty rush limbaugh, all three have basically said the same thing, that mitt romney is running a terrible campaign and it loose k like they might lose -- i'm
4:35 am
paraphrasing, of course. that if they can't beat barack obama, they might as well go out of existence. >> yeah, it's fascinating. because you have this attention on the right among conservatives. >> bill: the conservative media feels that they are being left out and the party is not doing what it should do. >> the narrative we're familiar with is where the republican party has taxed more to the right to satisfy its conservative base. meanwhile the conservative base is saying you are not adequately serving us, or properly running your campaign. romney is getting shelled from both sides right now. >> bill: yeah. so what does he do? >> i mean it's -- it's very hard to imagine that the people who
4:36 am
listen to rush limbaugh laura ingram, and sean hannity -- those audiences would vote for obama. the question is do they turn out the numbers needed for romney to win. >> bill: absolutely. >> are they so scared of obama that they will do it no matter what because one option is better in their eyes? they probably will. >> bill: the problem for romney really is, that they have such huge audiences laura rush and george -- >> oh, yeah. >> bill: -- so their voices have a lot of influence. >> they have a lot of influence and i think they tell you something about the direction that a third-party -- a more conservative party is headed. there is a feeling that if romney loses, and the poll suggests that if the election were tomorrow he would lose.
4:37 am
they are going to blame their losses on what they would consider a right fringe which is not a fringe because it is a very sizable chunk of audience. >> bill: indeed. dylan buyers for political. join the conversation by calling 866-55-press. dylan i think one of the best authors, best writers of so many areas, the economy and baseball and politics is michael lewis. >> yes phenomenal. >> bill: the big short, moneyball -- >> yeah. >> bill: i had the fun of interviewing him last year in vegas at a conference of insurance executives and the room was just packed. everybody came from all directions -- >> yeah, people really love him. >> bill: rightfully so.
4:38 am
so he's now writing for vanity fair, an interview with the president. he was given unprecedented access -- >> yeah. >> bill: -- we understand to interview president obama, hours, and hours, and hours, that he was able to spending with president obama on one condition that the white house check any quotes from the president that appeared in that article. >> right. >> bill: is that kosher? >> here is the fortunate thing. now that is kosher. because so many people have been known to do what is quote an -- the romney campaign does this, the obama campaign does this, the white house clearly does this, they say sure we'll talk to you on background and
4:39 am
then come back to us with your quotes, and we'll approve them and because journalists want access, they say okay. we'll do that. and i don't know if they ed ticketed anything in this case but the sources will come back and say we want to ed ticket this quote. you see the biden campaign -- or the obama administration editing bidens remarks in ways that -- >> bill: and michael lewis himself has admitted that he accepted these rules and guidelines. >> oh, yeah. it's not that it is kosher. it's just accepted at this point. >> bill: i would never, never never accept that personally. >> right. >> bill: i don't care who it is member of congress senator, the president -- and i would love to
4:40 am
interview the president, but i would never accept that. >> he says what he says. >> bill: yeah, take your tape recorder and take it down. >> exactly. that's what a recording is. >> bill: right. >> but as soon as a piece about this came out in the "new york times" a couple of months ago, there was all this opposition to it from the national journal, and certain places like that -- there was never a big institution like the "new york times" to come forward and say we oppose quote approval and most institutions just say -- it changes on a reporter-source basis. >> bill: yeah it's a slippery slope. once you accept it independent reporting will be impossible to do. and i'm disappointed in michael lewis. >> i'll tell you what i'm happy with him for is going on stage
4:41 am
in new york and telling people about the part he was forced to edit out. >> bill: yeah, but i would prefer he tell the white house to stick it up your you know what, i'm not going to accept that. dylan buyers is in studio with us. we'll be right back and take your calls. >> announcer: on your radio and on current tv. this is the "bill press show." it's go time. what time is it rob? oh, then it's go. go. go. go time. anybody? anybody? what time is it? oh, right. go time!
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4:44 am
understatement, eliot. u>> i'm not prone tot. understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa. ♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." live on your radio, and current tv. >> bill: 15 minutes now before the top of the hour.
4:45 am
in the next hour brad woodhouse dynamic communications director will be in studio with us as well as john sarbanes still pushing that rock uphill called reform. we're joined now in studio with dylan buyers. i want to come back to the question about -- and again, your calls are well come at 866-55-press, this question of giving your source the right to approve a quote before you public a story. this has become an issue at the white house with white house correspondents of which you know i am a member and more and more we find that members of the administration are requesting this opportunity. >> right.
4:46 am
>> bill: i'll be glad to talk to you about, i want to see any direct quotes before you publish. what is your advice? >> i would like to say don't do it, but it was back in the day of hockey when one person wanted to wear a helmet, and the others didn't want to do it. it was hard to wear a helmet because it screwed with your vision. what you need is you need big people like the "new york times" or some of the big media organizations to stand up and say we're not doing this and make it the way it is. >> bill: was it cnn -- one of the cable networks recently had an interview with obama in which they laid down this law too.
4:47 am
see the tape before the tape would air. >> yeah. may have -- >> bill: let's say it was cnn. if they turned it down, then somebody else would get the interview. >> right. >> bill: so that is the decision that has to be made. if everybody stood by the principle, then it would be easier. >> right. and there's no bigger get than the president or mitt romney and they are so hard to land an interview with, that when you get one it's very hard to pass it up based on principle. but i will say this. what is really interesting now is because there is -- i think you can credit social media and the internet with all of this.
4:48 am
in some way shape or form, the things that the campaigns or the white house doesn't want to talk about are going to get out, so for instance somebody landed an interview with david axelrod, and he said i don't want to talk about god and jerusalem in the piece. so they write the interview, and at the bottom they say david axelrod didn't want to talk about. it benefits the campaigns to just talk about whatever the journalists ask them about. >> bill: i thought john mccain taught everybody that lesson back in 2000. the straight-talk express. let's say good morning to miranda from richmond, virginia.
4:49 am
>> caller: good morning, bill. i have another perspective to offer, because i find myself being interviewed at times on cultural history, and because i have so often found myself misquoted, i reserve the right to approve all quotes because once it is in print there's no chance to go back. the interviewer is probably recording -- >> bill: yes. >> caller: and so sometimes a single word will be changed or maybe a negative will drop out, or you come across a little word garble or one word misheard which completely changes the meaning. >> bill: well, you are being like the politicians in this case miranda, but i don't think she has the right to demand
4:50 am
that. she can. >> right. >> bill: i do a lot of interviews, i never demand -- >> we're also talking about who different issues here. one if i'm a reporter and i mishear you, or i'm not quite sure what you said i should come back and say was there a negative in there, but when it's a question of the white house saying no, we don't want you to use that quote because we don't want the president to be portrayed as crying or tearing up. that's a drastically different issue. >> bill: it is. or on second thought we don't want to say anything about libya or whatever. >> right. >> bill: iran, so you have to take that out, right? >> yeah. >> no. you know what with that we're just stuck to handouts with manufactured quotes. >> and that's exactly more and
4:51 am
more what you see happening. you get canned quotes on background, by email. >> bill: you have my pledge i will never accept that condition. >> i'm going to hold you to that, bill. >> bill: thank you so much for coming in and doing such great work. >> thank you for having me. >> bill: i'm be back to tell you what potus is up to today. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." ♪ ♪
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4:53 am
start you morning with a daily dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv. ♪ >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." >> bill: well the war room at
4:54 am
the democratic national committee, they are in full gear these days. brood woodhouse will be here in studio. and president obama going back on the campaign trail today. he'll be at the white house this morning, where he will get his daily briefing at 10:45. and then at 1:30 he flies out of andrew air force base on his way to las vegas, nevada. he'll be delivering remarks at campaign event at cashman center in las vegas. leaves las vegas early this afternoon on his way to denver. actually arriving at 9:10 pm in aurora, colorado this evening where he will spending the night. and then has events in colorado tomorrow. colorado and nevada key states and the president wants to make sure he can lock them in as
4:55 am
early as we can.
4:56 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> bill: hey good morning, everybody. happy wednesday. it is wednesday september 12th. this is the "full court press," you new morning show on current tv. good to see you this morning. thank you so much for joining us, and we'll tell you what is happening in our nation's capitol around the country, and around the globe this morning, and then take your calls at 866-55-press, and i don't know if you heard dick cheney has come out of his lair again this time attacking president obama
4:57 am
for taking what cheney says -- for taking full credit for going out and getting osama bin laden. well, first of all, president obama never says that he should get all of the credit for that depreciation, and second, he certainly deserves a hell of a lot more credit than george bush and dick cheney who let osama bin laden run free and didn't give a damn about it. first we need to start out and will with the latest today's current news update from lisa ferguson in los angeles. hi, lisa good morning. >> hi bill good morning, everyone. the white house had issued a statement on the attacks in benghazi where we are learning that an american ambassador is among those killed. a rocket attack killed the u.s.
4:58 am
ambassador, christopher stevens. the official statement from the president condemns the benghazi attacks and says the united states will increase security at diplomatic embassies around the world. cairo condemned protests. and many people interpreted those tweets as being tied to yesterday's attacks. but the obama administration said no one in washington approved that statement, and it does not reflect the views of the u.s. government. president obama is also clarifying reports that he denied a meeting with israel prime mainer in netenyahu. his office says they got snubbed
4:59 am
when they requested a meeting with the president. the obama administration said there was no request for a meeting and they had a conversation over the telephone. current's morning news block. >>you're welcome current tv audience for the visual candy. >>sharp tongue, quick whit and above all, politically direct. >>you just think there is no low they won't go to. oh, no. if al gore's watching today...
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♪ >> announcer: broadcasting across the nation on your radio and on current tv, this is the "bill press show." >> bill: president bill clinton back on the road yesterday, elvis is back in town. he was in good form too. hello everybody, great to see you today. this is though "full court press" on wednesday september 12th. thank you so much for joining us. we're coming out to you live from your nation's capitol at our studio on capitol hill
5:03 am
booming out to you on your local progressive talk radio station and on current tv. taking your calls at 866-55-press. we are pleased to welcome back into the studio a man who has his work cut out for him, he is 24/7, seven days a week this days, no doubt about it. welcome back from charlotte. >> thanks bill good to be here. >> bill: our regular team members, peter ogburn dan henning, and sifrion balding. i apologize for the scratchy voice -- >> you are warming up. >> by the time we hid our fourth hour -- >> bill: by noon, man, i'm going to be singing the star-spangled
5:04 am
banner. no. but we have a lot to talk about. our u.s. ambassador in libya was killed at the consulate in benghazi over protests over a video. i'll bring you more details of that as we get it throughout the hour. and this is day three of the teachers' strike in chicago. they are still talking but don't seem to be getting any closer to an agreement. mayor emmanuel said it was the strike of their choice. >> they are continuing to talk. they are working through the issues. i do believe it was totally avoidable, totally unnecessary, it was a strike of choice.
5:05 am
>> bill: the "new york times" says mayor ron emmanuel is biting pushy witty, and unwavering, but he is up against the president of the teacher's association who is described as biting, pushy, witty, and unwavering. here she is. >> we have followed every rule. we have done everything we were supposed to do. i don't understand why this is a problem, why anyone is surprised that it came to this. >> bill: maybe they out to get these two out of the way, and some others to resolving this thing brad is with us for the first half hour a then
5:06 am
congressman sarbanes will join us. >> the rapper formally known as snoop dogg who has changed his name was asked about the election at the toronto film festival, where he said president obama needs four more years because, quote, y'all gave him a house where the plumbing doesn't work and the toilet was stuffed up. >> bill: that's an adequate message. the same message that bill clinton gave but a little bit more colorful. >> all eyes are on apple computer this year. the introduction of the new iphone is being to be unveiled this morning. is predicting with high
5:07 am
certainty two things that the phone will have a larger display, and likely have a different dot connector than the different apple products meaning it will need its own power chord. >> bill: brad, you can see i have been waiting for the five. i'm held together with the rubber band. my 3g or whatever it is holding on -- >> keep hope in line. >> and oscar meyer believes it's bacon is so good it is good as gold, that their new marketing campaign is centered around using bacon for currency comedian plans to get across the
5:08 am
u.s. with just bacon. so far several bricks of bacon got him jets tickets, a couch, and a shower. >> well, who knew. >> the bacon standard. >> bill: i forgot to tell you guys, the paycheck next week -- >> is bacon. >> bill: you are going to get a slice of bacon. >> i would be okay with that. i love bacon. >> bill: there you go. you heard it. >> i heard it. >> bill: all right, dan. thank you. brad i ran into you down in charlotte, and you were busy as hell down there of course. >> yeah what. >> so what was the mission? what was your goal in charlotte? and do you feel you accomplished it? >> probably in the deep recesses of our mind our goal was to do
5:09 am
no harm because we went into the convention with a small lead, and we did better than that. i think most of the polls show we did far better than do no harm, and i think these things will settle out, i don't believe the fundamentals after the race have changed. but i would rather be us than them. they got no bounce out of their convention. their conventionened with everyone talking about clint eastwood talking an empty chair. and i think the day after our convention, people were talking about what the president had to say, the choice he laid out, and what the other speakers had to say. all of our speakers -- major speakers, prime time speakers really were unbelievable and i think the american people saw the breadth and diversity of the
5:10 am
party, and that we are willing to lay out our plans in a way they weren't in tampa. >> bill: if you look at bill clinton, michelle obama, and barack obama, you can't top that. and then second tier speakers each night there was a break out star -- deval patrick, emmanuel cleaver, our own current tv jennifer grandholm. >> oh, my god. what an incredible inspiration she was. julian castro. >> bill: yeah. >> this may explain the different favorability ratings between the candidates and the parties. their convention was i think mean spirits, divisive backwards looking, and if you listen to someone like julian
5:11 am
castro, and his story and what he had to say at the convention it contrasted pretty starkly with chris christie's anger, and resentment and divisiveness and also chris christie's speech was more an audition for 2016, and everyone carried the message of why we should reelect the president. in tampa, chris christie didn't mention romney until 16 minutes in. >> bill: there was a lot of hatred for obama in tampa, and not a lot of love for mitt romney. but there was a lot of love for obama in charlotte. >> even mitt romney didn't talk about why mitt romney's agenda is right for the country. bill crystal said it he gave no
5:12 am
rationale for why he should be elected president. and that's one of the big criticisms not that i'm prone to quote laura ingram but laura ingram said if they can't do better than what they are doing in terms of communicating message they should pack up and go home. >> bill: laura said that george [ inaudible ] said that rush limbaugh said that and weekly standard is saying the same thing that from their point of view, this should be a slam dunk, right? >> well yeah -- >> bill: they think because the economy is so bad. but they have a candidate and party that is not taking advantage of the situation, and they are almost saying we're going to lose when we do lose we better just shut down the republican party. >> to be fair i think it's easy for these outside commentators.
5:13 am
mitt romney and paul ryan know this, because they are smart people. they know their numbers don't add up. they know that -- you know, their campaign has even admitted that it would be suicidal to get into details about their budget and tax plans, because they don't add up. they favor the wealthy, and they are just the typical trickle-down economics that american people have consistently once they felt it rejected. >> bill: and result in getting rid of medicare medicaid and social security. >> that's exactly. you have the vice president candidate, you have the man who is the vice presidential candidate who wrote the scheme to voucherize medicare and so they can't let -- look on the
5:14 am
one hand the conservative intelligence wants them to lay out details, on the other hand they can't. they want to raise taxes on the middle class. >> bill: brad woodhouse is the communications director. we would be gad to take your calls at 866-55-press. one of the key people in the obama campaign. so take advantage of that. brad, now the president is going back to nevada today, then on to colorado. he is going back to ohio next week. the focus now is on the swing states -- >> that's right. >> bill: give us the overview of which states and how is it looking? >> well, you know, it has not changed a lot since the convention but i think there are some interesting dynamics. one we know the respects know
5:15 am
that they have all but seeded pennsylvania and michigan -- >> bill: woe two keys. >> yes, they were carrying their water in pennsylvania and michigan. and now they have pulled out. and the romney campaign we don't believe is going to pick up the tab for advertising in states that are really increasingly out of reach. pennsylvania, i think was always a stretch for them. the president runs -- the president runs strong there -- ran strong there. in michigan of course mitt romney said let detroit go bankrupt. i don't think he will ever recover from that. wisconsin is -- wisconsin is closer than it was in '08. we will win wisconsin. i don't think there is any doubt. we have out organized them in wisconsin. we have got so many offices, staff, one of the top obama people in the entire orbit for
5:16 am
many years now runs our operation in wisconsin, and we're going on the air there which made news -- made news last night that, you know, why are you going on the air there if you think you are so strong. well, look, we're getting pounded by outside groups. the romney campaign is on the area there and we have lead in three of the last five polls, and we have a real clear politics average lead of a couple of points. we'll win wisconsin when it is all said and done. the interesting one is north carolina where if you hear the republican spin on north carolina, they should be up five or ten points there. we have got whatever problems they perceive in north carolina. it's a state that they think they should have. north carolina will be close. but bill we came out of the
5:17 am
convention there ahead. we were air head in some polls going in by a point or two points. and real clear politics average has us even or up by about two points. the fact that they have to fight for north carolina means that their map is that much more difficult. north carolina is one that they would like to just check off, and they haven't been able to. >> bill: and we have got, ohio, virginia, colorado, we have new hampshire, and we have got nevada, the ones that just popped into my head -- and florida -- >> that's right. >> bill: and that's where you go to see the president and the vice president more and more. >> and bill clinton was there yesterday. >> bill: and bill clinton. don't forget him. it is the "full court press" on wednesday september 12th. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show" live on your radio, and current tv. ♪
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>> announcer: the parting shot with bill press. this is the "bill press show." >> bill: and on this wednesday september 12th, my parting shot for today. well, like a lot of you i have a lot of beat-up old t-shirts at home, and one of my favorites reads "i walk the line in '89." it was a t-shirt it was given for walking the picket line for los angeles teachers. i supported that strike, and i support this year's strike in chicago. but this time teachers are not walking or picketing for higher
5:52 am
pay. they are protesting how you evaluate a teacher. ron emmanuel thinks students of good teachers get high marks on standardized tests students of bad teachers flunk, but as with most silver bullet theories he is just dead wrong. they don't tell you all of the other things a teacher is doing, all of the other factors that can influence a student's test scores factors in his or her life, like poverty, illness, hunger, troubles so i think it's time for ron emmanuel to recognize reality, to stop picking on teachers and start showing them a little respect. that's my parting shop today folks. i'll be up at the book signing in buffalo friday evening.
5:53 am
we'll see you here tomorrow. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show."
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